FAB Valve

The Protectoseal Flame Arrester Breather Valve (FAB Valve™ Series), combines an End-Of-Line Pressure & Vacuum Relief Valve with a Deflagration Flame Arrester (or ‘Spark Arrester’ & ‘Flame Trap’).

HEDS – High Energy Dissipation System

Our patented HEDS™ system facilitates the suppression of the detonation shockwave within the arrester housing allowing for a reduction in the number of element banks required in the arrester; thus lowering resistance to flow and reducing the weight of the device.

Flame Arrester Manufacturing Process

A look inside the flame arrester manufacturing process.

Flame Arrester Solutions

Flame arresters are often the last line of defense against the unintended propagation of a flame or detonation event, which can lead to catastrophic property damage, personal injury, or even the loss of life. This video describes their principles of operation, the different types available and key considerations in selecting these critical safety devices to ensure the safe handling of flammable vapors in your storage tank applications.

Protectoseal Tank Venting Solutions

This video highlights key vapor control technologies that are used extensively in the industry – their individual function as well as how they may be deployed together to provide an integrated tank venting solution.

Made in Bensenville

After relocating to a new 150,000 sq. ft. facility in Bensenville, a suburb of Chicago in the early 70’s, Protectoseal has continued to improve their manufacturing capabilities and expand their product offering as featured in this short video.