Technology Solutions

We take great pride in our diverse portfolio, which encompasses a wide range of patented technologies. These innovative technologies are seamlessly integrated into our top-tier safety solutions. Among our offerings are Flame Arresters and Pressure/Vacuum Relief Vents, which stand as flagship solutions providing unmatched levels of safety and protection.

Our cutting-edge technologies are the product of extensive research and development efforts, resulting in highly sophisticated systems designed to stop explosions, fires, and other dangerous incidents.


(High Energy Dissipation System)

Our HEDS® (High Energy Dissipation System) technology is an innovative and patented technology used in our range of In-Line Detonation Flame Arresters. It sets a new standard for performance by offering ultimate protection from deflagration and, in the worst-case scenario, unstable detonation explosions.

The HEDS® technology combines our unique patented High Energy Dissipation System with our E-Flow® technology. This combination attenuates shock waves and extinguishes flames, effectively mitigating the effects of an explosion by preventing its propagation.


Our E-Flow® technology refers to enhanced flow, which is utilized in the majority of our End-of-Line and In-Line Flame Arresters. This patented technology is the result of years of research and close collaboration with customers, with a focus on user-centric product development.

The E-Flow® technology aims to optimize flow performance and ensure efficient operation of the Flame Arresters. It enhances the flow characteristics of the products, allowing for improved gas and vapor flow rates during normal operation and mitigating pressure drop effects.


Our patented RE-Flow® technology is a combination of our E-Flow® element technology with a reverse flow configuration. This technology is utilized in our ERB Series of End-of-Line Flame Arresters.

The RE-Flow® technology improves the performance of our Flame Arresters by optimizing the flow and pressure drop characteristics. It incorporates our enhanced crimped ribbon technology in the Flame Arresting element, and the matrix structure is optimized using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

FAB Valve®

(Flame Arrester Breather Valve)

The FAB Valve® is a patented product that combines a Flame Arrester with a Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valve. It is designed to protect tanks and process equipment from excessive pressure and vacuum, as well as atmospheric deflagrations.

The FAB Valve® incorporates our E-Flow® enhanced crimped ribbon technology in the Flame Arrester element. This technology optimizes the channel dimensions of the Flame Arrester element for deflagration protection while ensuring minimal maintenance requirements and maximum flow performance.

Series 830 ®

(Combination Conservation Vent and Flame Arrester)

Our Series 830 is a combination Conservation Vent and Flame Arrester designed to provide pressure and vacuum relief for tanks while maintaining safe operating parameters. This series is specifically designed to prevent evaporation losses, tank rupture due to overpressure, and collapse due to vacuum.

The Series 830 works by expelling tank vapors into the atmosphere under pressure venting conditions. It minimizes product loss by maintaining the tank’s vapor space within safe operating parameters.

Additionally, the Flame Arrester component protects the tank against fire and explosions caused by exterior sources of ignition.