The Protectoseal Company has been partnering with industry for over 95 years to develop and deliver innovative, yet practical and cost effective solutions to real world problems. Each industry, each customer – from the craft distiller along the Kentucky Bourbon Trail to the major Refinery in the Gulf Coast, is unique in the challenges that they face. As processing technologies become more complex, the need for safer and more efficient support equipment for these operations becomes more critical.

And while Protectoseal is known throughout the industry for providing a broad line of standard devices, we are also experts in developing unique and effective solutions to address specific problems. Protectoseal welcomes the opportunity to apply our extensive technical and manufacturing experience to help industry face their most demanding application challenges.

Distillery Tanks

Distilled Spirits

Vapors released throughout the alcohol production process may present fire and explosive risks if not managed properly. Since complete avoidance of either flammable atmosphere or ignition sources may not be practical, explosion protection and isolation becomes necessary. The correct selection and proper use of venting and explosion isolation devices serves to help mitigate these risks.

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Flame Arrester Solutions

Tank Venting Solutions

This video highlights key vapor control technologies that are used extensively in the industry – their individual function as well as how they may be deployed together to provide an integrated tank venting solution.

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PROSHIELD™ Coating for Controlling Unwanted Buildup

Challenge: A leading global supplier of resin chemistries for composite and cast polymers was facing operational difficulties due to a rapid and frequent build-up of polymerized styrene in their vapor control equipment. Such build-up if not managed properly, could prevent the equipment from properly venting putting the safe operation of their storage tanks at risk. Weekly inspections and significant maintenance hours were often required to remove the hardened polymer. The maintenance process would be time-consuming, often causing unintended damage to their vapor control equipment.

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The Better Thief Hatch for Improved Emissions Control

Challenge: A study of more than 8,000 oil and gas well pads found that over 90% of VOC emissions stem from tank vents and hatches. Separately the EPA concluded that the primary reason for detectable emissions was inadequate design and sizing of vapor control systems as well as the improper operation and maintenance associated with such equipment. See how the Protectoseal Series 3908 low leakage thief hatch is helping the industry meet their commitment for improved emissions control.

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