Vent-Line / In-Line Deflagration Flame Arrester


Gas Groups: D | IIA

Vent-Line / In-Line Flame Arrester is designed to be installed in open vent pipes or bleed lines from storage or processing tanks. This arrester is used to prevent the propagation of an external flame through the vent opening and into the tank while providing maximum air-flow consistent with operating efficiency and safety.  


  • Parallel plate design provides significant mechanical strength while still minimizing pressure drop across the elements under normal operating conditions 
  • Removable arrester element facilitates inspection and maintenance  
  • Automatic condensate drainage design to mitigate freezing and clogging
  • Sizes1” (DN 25) through 12” (DN 300) 
  • Connections: 1” size – standard female NPT. All other sizes mate with 125# / 150# ANSI and DIN PN 16 
  • Materials: Aluminum, Ductile Iron and Stainless Steel 
  • Gas Groups: NEC Group D | IEC Explosion Group IIA  
  • Testing and Certification: UL Listed in 1” through 10”; FApproved in 1” through 12” 

Connections: Other drilling patterns available upon request.
Materials certifications for castings
Clamp-on “Steam-Jacketing” available