Bi-Directional Detonation Flame Arresters – ATEX / CE / ISO

25000E / 35000E

Gas Groups: IIA | D 

Protectoseal’s Series 25000E / 35000E Detonation Flame arresters are designed to withstand confined deflagrations, stable detonations and overdriven (unstable) detonations. These arresters are bi-directional, capable of stopping a flame or detonation approaching from either direction in long or complex piping runs such as those encountered in vapor recovery or manifolded tank systems. They can be mounted in any location within a piping system so long as initial temperature and pressure guidelines are followed. 


  • Bi-directional design stops a flame approaching from either direction in a piping system
  • Crimped metal arrester element minimizes pressure drops and reduces overall weight
  • Straight through flow pattern minimizes arrester element fouling and simplifies the cleaning process
  • Removable and interchangeable arrester element facilitates ease of inspection and maintenance
  • High strength, welded steel housing hydrostatically tested at 475 PSIG
  • Pressure retaining housing components are welded in accordance with ASME Pressure Vessel Code, Section IX requirements
  • Sizes: 25000E DN 50 (2”) through DN 400 (8”); 35000E DN 250 (8”) through DN 600 (24”) 
  • Flanged to mate with standard flanged 150# ANSI or DIN PN16 connections 
  • Maximum Initial Pressure: 25000E – 1.08 – 1.22 bara (15.7 – 17.7 PSIA)*; 35000E – 1.22 bara(17.7 PSIA) (*varies based size, see spec sheet for details) 
  • Maximum Initial Temperature: 60 C (140 F) 
  • Housing Configuration: Concentric 
  • Materials: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Alloy C276 
  • Gas Groups: IEC Explosion Group IIA | NEC Group D 
  • Testing & Certifications: Classification to the latest ATEX Directive, ISO 16852; for arresters meeting the test standards of FM, UL, ULC and United States Coast Guard (USCG), please refer to Series 25000 / 26000 and Series 35000 / 36000RP 
  • Connections: Other drilling patterns available upon request.  
  • Materials certifications for castings 
  • Connections for drains, pressure taps or temperature probes available upon request 
  • Temperature probe kits available for short time burn rating