End-of-Line Deflagration Flame Arresters


Gas Groups: C | IIB1, IIB2 & IIB3 

The Protectoseal EVB Series End-of-Line Flame Arresters are designed to be installed at the end of a pipeline or exit vent from a vessel to provide protection against atmospheric deflagrations. Vapors are allowed to escape into the atmosphere and air can be drawn into the tank through the E-Flow® enhanced crimped ribbon arresting element. If an ignition source outside the tank (unconfined deflagration) is encountered, the flame arrester provides protection for the tank’s vapor space. 


  • E-Flow® technology provides exceptional flow capacities with minimal pressure drop 
  • Unique element design is less susceptible to fouling/clogging 
  • Replaceable element for easier maintenance  
  • Lightweight for ease of installation 
  • Bird screen to prevent foreign object from entering tank 
  • Sizes: ½”(15mm) through 24” (600mm) 
  • Connections: ANSI 150 Flange 
  • Materials: Stainless Steel (No coating), Carbon Steel (Orange paint) 
  • Gas Groups: C | IIB1, IIB2 & IIB3 
  • Testing & Certifications: EN ISO 16852 and approved to ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU. 
  • Alternative connections available 
  • Additional material available 
  • Coatings 
    • PTFE 
    • Offshore Paint and Coating* 
    • Others on Request 
  • NACE conformance (all wetted parts) 

*Adds a protective layer to the flame arrester. Primarily employed in offshore platform applications.