Flame Arresters

Flame arresters are passive, mechanical devices installed on a storage tank nozzle or in a vapor piping system.  Its primary function is to allow gases to pass through during normal operating conditions, but stop a flame in order to prevent an explosion or fire propagation under emergency situations.  Stopping the flame protects the storage tank, or the equipment located in the piping system, from the catastrophic damage that may result from an uncontrolled ignition.  For industries that handle, store, transfer and collect hazardous liquids, a single unchecked flame can cause extensive damage to both plant and equipment, not to mention the risk of personal injury or loss of life.

A variety of arrester designs are available.  The selection of the appropriate arrester depends on the flammable properties of the vapor/air mixture, operating conditions as well as how and where the arrester is installed with respect to the potential ignition source.  Shown below are three primary categories of arresters that are available in the market.  The user must be assured that the arrester selected has been tested for conditions that match or exceed the intended application.  Protectoseal flame and detonation arresters are developed in accordance to the testing / listing criteria of nationally recognized independent agencies such as Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL), Factory Mutual Research (FM) and the United States Coast Guard (USCG).  Also available are models that are type approved according to the latest ATEX Directive and ISO 16852.

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